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Depart your Nairobi hotel and drive to Nairobi City Tour. Visit Nairobi City market, the Nairobi city market is located near Nairobi city center in the middle of Nairobi city. Visit Kenya Parliament buildings dating from the 1930s, see the statue of Jomo Kenyatta, needlework tapestries showing Kenya's history - a mosaic of Kenyan tribes. Visit the National Museum of Kenya. Continue on your guided Nairobi tour to the snake park to see different Kenya snakes. Drive back to your Nairobi hotel after Nairobi City Tour.


Depart your hotel for the Tour Nairobi National Park. This is the Kenya's oldest national park. Enjoy this Kenya adveture trip and watch Kenya wild animals and Kenya birds near a capital city. Nairobi national park covers an area of 117sq km and is located just a few kilometers from Nairobi city centre. Explore a diversity of environments with characteristic Kenya fauna and Kenya flora, open grasslands with scattered acacia bush is predominant in Nairobi park. Game drive in Nairobi national park include spotting almost all Kenya wildlife and Kenya birds. You can also visit Nairobi Animal Orphanage where injured and orphaned wild animals are kept, afterwards are taken back to the wild. Drive back to your Nairobi hotel after this Kenya adventure tour of Nairobi.


Depart your hotel and drive to Tour Kenya National Museum. The Nairobi Museum is located within Nairobi City and is an ideal place to visit for a person who really needs Kenya adventure touri. National Museum of Nairobi is famous for its preserved birds, butterflies, animals and information about Kenya's rich past and culture. In the National Museum find also Leakey's prehistoric artifacts and Kenya tribal artifacts dating back to hundreds of years. Drive back to your Nairobi hotel after Nairobi National Museum.     


Depart your hotel and drive to the outskirts of Nairobi city centre for the Karen Blixen Museum tour. Karen Blixen Museum was named after the famous heroin Ms Karen Blixen who was a Dutch Woman on whom the movie ‘Out of Africa’ was based. It is a fascinating point for all visitors where you can see this former coffee plantation turned into a museum. Karen Blixen Museum is about 20 minutes drive from Nairobi city centre, a see the coffee machine they used that time. Karen Blixen House has much of its original features still intact. Photographs and original oil portraits painted by Ms Blixen Adom on the walls show glimpse of life on this former coffee plantation. Drive back to your Nairobi hotel after this Kenya adventure tour of Karen Blixen in the outskirts of Nairobi.


Depart your Nairobi hotel for the Bomas of Kenya tour. Bomas of Kenya is located in the outskirts of Nairobi city centre, one kilometer from Nairobi animal orphanage and Nairobi national park. In Bomas of Kenya you are treated to traditional Kenya music and Kenya dances, view traditions of different Kenya tribes ranging from Maasai, Samburu, Kamba, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo, Luhya, exhilarating Giriama people of the coast. These tradtional homesteads are fully furnished in traditional houses attire of each Kenya local tribe, complete with local food stuff they traditionally prepared, utensils used, tradtional clothes and decoration they used to wear during different ceremonies etc. Continue on your Bomas of Kenya tour and sample traditional dishes from different Kenya tribes.


Depart your Kenya hotel and drive to Tour Kenya Railways Museum, see the Kenya railways history and learn how the Kenya Railway was constructed. Nairobi Railway Museum is located off Uhuru Highway in Nairobi city centre. Get an opportunity to climb on board train carriages dating back to the turn of the century. The carriages are full of historical photographs and relics from the time when Kenya railway construction workers first arrived in Nairobi. A Kenya adventure tour, a fascinating encounter with the story of Nairobi’s humble beginning. Get the right Kenya history and know how Nairobi city came into existence. Drive back to your Nairobi hotel after Nairobi Railway Museum.


Depart your Nairobi hotel and drive to Nairobi Giraffe Centre. Nairobi Giraffe centre is a creation of Kenyan conservation organization - the Africa Fund for endangered wildlife (AFEW) founded in 1978. In this giraffe centre get the opportunity to come into close contact and feed these tall graceful animals. Nairobi Giraffe centre tour can be combined with a look at Daisy Rothschild’s home and the Giraffe manner which is one of Kenya's best known guest houses.Drive back to your Nairobi hotel after touring giraffe centre.